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Jerry’s Plumbing & Welding can install grease traps for your restaurant, hospital, nursing home, or other commercial kitchen. Did you know the city you live in has special requirements for your grease trap? Let Jerry’s Plumbing & Welding handle the install so your grease trap is compliant with city ordinances and functioning efficiently.

Jerry’s Plumbing & Welding is available to install grease traps in the following DFW, Texas locations:

  • Arlington
  • Bedford
  • Burleson
  • Cedar Hill
  • Dallas
  • Euless
  • Fort Worth
  • Grand Prairie
  • Grapevine
  • Irving
  • Keller
  • Mansfield
  • North Richland Hills
  • Southlake

Sizing of Grease Interceptors

The grease interceptor is generally sized according to the local plumbing code. The different variables include: number of meals per hour of seats, wastewater flow rate, wastewater detention line, storage factor, and detention time.

Uniform Plumbing Code Method:

As recommended by the Uniform Plumbing Code – Appendix H, the following sizing method is as follows:

Uniform Plumbing Code Sizing Method
1. Restaurants

(D) x (MF) x (GL) x (RT) x (ST) = Size of Grease Interceptor (gallons)


D=Total number of seats
MF=Metal factor, based on establishment type & average time per meal:
1.33 Fast Food/Cafeteria (45 min)
1.00 Restaurant (60 min)
0.67 Leisure Dining (90 min)
0.50 Dinner Club (120 min)
GL=Gallons of wastewater per meal:
6 With dishwashing machine
5 Without dishwashing machine
2 Single service kitchen
1 Food Waste Disposal

Retention Time:

2.5 Commercial kitchen waste
1.5 Single service kitchen

ST=Storage factor, based on hours of operation:
1.0 Operation of 8 hours
1.5 Operation of 12 hours
2.0 Operation of 16 hours
3.0 Operation of 24 hours
1.5 Single service kitchen


cross section of a grease trap

Fig. 3 – Typical Grease Interceptor Installation

For larger sizes and other commercial or industrial applications, contact our engineering department

Environmental Protection Agency Method:

As published in the EPA Design Manual – Onsite Wastewater Treatment & Disposal Systems, the recommended method for sizing a grease interceptor is as follows:

1. Restaurants

(D) x (GL) x (ST) x (HR/2) x (LF) = Size of Grease Interceptor (gallons)


D=Number of seats in dining area
GL=Gallons of wastewater per meal, normally 5 gallons
ST=Storage capacity factor, min. of 1.7 for onsite disposal, 2.5
HR=Number of hours open
LF=Loading Factor:
2.25 Interstate Freeways
1.0 Other Freeways
1.0 Recreational Areas
0.8 Main Highways
0.5 Other Highways

2. Hospitals, Nursing Homes, other type Commercial Kitchens with varied seating capacity

(M) x (GL) x (ST) x (2.5) x (LF) = Size of Grease Interceptor (gallons)^3


M=Meals per day
GL=Gallons of wastewater per meal, normally 4.5 gallons
ST=Storage capacity factor, min. of 1.7 for onsite disposal, 2.5
LT=Loading Factor:
1.25 Garbage disposal & dishwasher
1.0 Without Garbage disposal
1.0 Without dishwashing
0.8 Without dishwashing & garbage disposal
a=Without dishwashing & garbage disposal



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