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We Can Save You Money By Repairing & Not Just Replacing In Most Cases
Our grease trap experts can give you a full assessment of the repairs needed and give professional options on how to go about the repair. We offer many options for our customers and allow them to choose there preferred method for the repair. We understand buggets can be tight. Give us a call and you will not only get the best service but customer loyalty as well
Conventional Grease Traps
Unless you are in the food service industry, you are probably asking yourself, "What exactly is a grease trap?" Your answer is quite simple! A grease trap is a receptacle that kitchen wastewater flows through before entering the sewer lines. Grease is actually the term to describe animal fats and vegetable oils and is 10% to 15% less dense than water. Thus, grease and oils float on water. When kitchen wastewater flows through a grease trap, the grease and oils rise to the surface and are trapped inside the receptacle using a system of baffles. The captured grease and oils fill the trap from the top down, displacing "clean" water out of the bottom of the trap and into the sanitary sewer line. This is why you see a grease "mat" when observing a grease trap. When a significant layer of grease has accumulated, the trap must be cleaned out.
Big Dipper Grease Traps
Jerry's Plumbing & Heating recommends Big-Dipper grease traps. We are affiliated with Big-Dipper and can offer you the product, installation and/or service to improve your facility capabilities along with keeping our environment safe. When using these products you will keep grease and oils out of the municipal collection system greatly reduces risk of environmental concerns that are associated with grease. Call us for further details and information.
Custom Grease Traps
At Jerry's Plumbing & Heating we can help to protect your business by offering you a custom designed grease trap that will keep your business in compliance as specified by the local codes of your municipality. Installation and maintenance are critical when it comes to grease traps. Our licensed plumbers at Jerry's Plumbing, Heating & Welding can identify and remedy any problems that may arise from reconfiguration to maintenance programs.
Work Guaranteed
The process begins with the complete removal of all grease, sediment and grease-laden water. We also perform a thorough evaluation of your system to make sure everything is functioning correctly. We will also fully document our services, and this report is available for review at your request.

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Homeowner's insurance generally covers household water damage if the damage is sudden and accidental, such as damage caused by burst pipes. It does not cover damage of the sort covered by flood insurance, i.e., rising water from outside; or damage caused over time by lack of maintenance.

A water damage claim can be a red flag to insurers as well as to future homebuyers, signaling a likelihood of repeat water claims. It is better to maintain a home for water issues than face the risks of increased insurance costs and reduced home marketability.

Look At Your Water Bill! Don't Just Assume Accuracy! By comparing monthly usage figures, you may realize a small leak before it becomes a big problem. Unexplained fluctuations in your water bill are often a sign of water leaks.

Use a water pressure gauge to determine whether your household water pressure is set too high. The ideal household water pressure is 60-80 pounds per square inch. (psi), but many homes are set at 100 or higher. Attach the gauge to an outdoor faucet and turn the water on full to determine water pressure.

Know where your water shutoff valve is located and be sure that the entire family knows how to shut off household water supplies in the event of a sudden pipe or hose break.

Consider replacing hoses to major appliances such as your washer and dishwasher every two to five years. Steel, so-called "no burst" hoses have been shown to have a longer lifespan than other models.

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